AIE Incubator Project Grant

Applications for AIE's AIE INCUBATOR PROJECT GRANT are now open for Game Developers, Animation Studios and other creative teams that have completed AIE's Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) in 2015. In 2016 this grant makes available a total of $150,000 for games, screen and innovative digital media projects.

The aim of the grant is to support the teams coming out of AIE's Incubator Program to ensure that great ideas and quality projects make it to market. Projects that receive funding retain all ownership of their project including IP and revenue. Eligible applicants are reminded that the grant conditions do change year to year. Please talk to your campuses coordinator if you have any quires or questions.


AIE INCUBATOR PROJECT GRANT provides funding for individual projects that:

  • Are being developed by teams that have completed AIE's Graduate Diploma of Management or, in the case where the majority of the team have not undergone the training program, the applicant is a director of the business developed during the GDM(L) training;
  • Have potential to be commercialised within 12 months;
  • Either have a prototype with demonstrable core game mechanics, features and key games aesthetics; or
  • If a screen-based project, have completed pre-production, and can show sample footage that demonstrates the quality of the final product;
  • Are being developed by teams that are working towards becoming a registered businesses in Australia or are already a registered business in Australia. It is essential that an Australian Business Number (ABN) is provided with the grant application; and
  • Are being developed by teams that own all rights required to make the project.

Application Dates

Applications close 9.00am, Monday 29th of February. A second round of applications may be held if there are remaining funds from the $150,000 grant allocation pool.

Key Dates

  • 29th - 4th March = Applications prototypes reviewed, rated and shortlist created
  • 7th March - 18th March = feedback provided developed for applicants, finalist notified
  • 21st March – 1st of April = Interviews conducted, Contracts finalised for successful candidates

Assessment Process

  1. Team applies for the funding by completing application;
  2. Applications are assessed based on the strength of their project and supporting documentation;
  3. Successful applications will proceed to the next stage where teams may be asked for additional information to support their application. Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with feedback.
  4. Applicants meet with Grant Assessment Committee to determine a funding agreement which will incorporate the final funding amount, milestones and associated payments and the deliverable outcomes that the grant will fund.

How to Apply

Applicants should complete the online form below and attach the relevant documents outlined in the online form and in this Application Checklist (word).

Templates to further assist teams can be downloaded from this link: Download