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AIE Industry Experience Day 2017

Considering a career in games, 3D or VFX?

AIE's Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry, what should be in a portfolio and will be able to get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools.

The sessions are run by industry professionals who have worked on some blockbuster games and films. Everything is provided for you to participate in the hands-on workshops and you will be using the same software that is used in the industry.

If you are thinking about a career in the games or film industry then we highly recommend registering for the free event.


  • 10.00am

    Industry Overview

    The games and film industry continues to grow significantly both in Australia and overseas during this session students will be given an in-depth analysis of the industry. The session will highlight the success of Australia's VFX industry and the growth of the independent games industry.

  • 10.30am

    Working in 3D Animation

    Students will learn some of the core skills and techniques used by 3D artists in games and film industry. Using Autodesk Maya, students will implement animation techniques to make a visually appealing animation sequence.

  • 11.15am

    Working in Game Programming

    Programmers are the wizards of the future! Game programmers are instrumental when it comes to creating the framework, functionality and interaction in a game. In this programming workshop students will be taught the basics of scripting.

  • 12.00pm


  • 1.00pm

    Working in Game Design

    Game Designers are instrumental in the development of the concepts, vision and implementation of game play dynamics in video game production. They are the visionaries and evangelists and are vital in the development process. This session will be delivered by industry professionals who fill focus on core game design skills.

  • 1.45pm

    Working in VFX for Film

    Visual Effects Artist are the creative geniuses who continue to push the boundaries by creating mind-blowing visual content. During this session you will get a behind the scenes, hands-on experience of creating dynamic character sculptors.

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AIE Programming Teacher | Marc Chee

Marc Chee

Programming Teacher

Marc is genuinely interested in the field of AI. Previously having worked at iCinema he has experience in building large scale interactive stereoscopic projection environments.

AIE Design Teacher  | James Betar

James Betar

Design Teacher

James is a game designer by expertise and producer by trade. He was an associate producer at Plastic Wax and also worked on Little Big Planet Hub and Saints Row IV.

AIE 3d Art Teacher  | Oliver Cook

Oliver Cook

3d Art Teacher

Oliver is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience working in the games and film industry. More recently, Oliver worked as a character artist on the critically acclaimed game. "La Noire" at Team Bondi.

AIE 3d VFX Teacher  | Corin Sadlier

Corin Sadlier

3d VFX Teacher

Corin Sadlier is an AIE 2013 graduate of the Screen Class. His passion was clearly developing for VFX compositing in the industry leader, Nuke. He was part of the team which produced the stunning looking student film "La Poste". On the show he performed camera layout in Maya and lighting and compositing.

Sydney's largest VFX facility, Animal Logic selected Corin for external training in Matchmoving at their facility led by Bharker James ( an AIE Top Alumni) duties in Nuke. Soon after Corin picked up a contract on Angelina Jolie's film "Unbroken". Which turned into a years work on "Insurgent" and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron". he recently worked with former La Poste team-mates over at Mighty nice on some TVC's.

AIE 3D Animation Teacher | Adam McHenry

Ian Ulpiano

Game Programming Teacher

Ian completed an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development and a Bachelor Degree of Games and Graphics Programming. He is founder of ‘Scann3d’, a tech company bringing 3D scanning technology to the real-estate industry and the creator of the terrible webcomic ‘Octopuns’.

AIE Game Art and Animation Teacher | Brendan Bottomley

Brendan Bottomley

Game Art and Animation Teacher

Brendan has 20 years experience. From Junior to Senior to Lead to Concept Artist. He has worked for companies such as Sony, THQ, Infogrames and XYZ Studios. Credited games: DeBlob, Avatar, Nick Toons, Spongebob, Ghost Hunter, Looney Tunes: Space Race, Dethkarz, KKND2 and a variety of TV commercials.

AIE Game Art and Animation Teacher | Daryl Munton

Daryl Munton

3D Animation And VFX Teacher

Daryl has been working in the FVX industry for over 20 years, from working in Sydney making tv commercials, to working in America on some of the Best Box Office films. He has created two award winning short films, Nullarbor and The Gallant Captain and has worked on Starwars 1 & 2, Avatar, Tintin, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Starship Troopers, Life of Pi, King kong and many more.

AIE Game Design Teacher | Ben Naulls

Ben Naulls

Game Design Teacher

Ben runs the indie game podcast and promotion group 'Work in Beta' as we;; as a freelance game programming group 'noWeekend software'. He has a background in business database programming and design and is an avid programmer, artist and all round snappy dresser.

Cardboard Keep | Calum Spring

Calum Spring

Cardboard Keep

Calum Spring is the Director and Lead Programmer of independent game development studio Cardboard Keep.
Calum is currently in the final stages of releasing Cardboard Keeps third commercial game “Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth”. In addition to game development Calum has also released several tools to help is fellow developers on the Unity Asset Store.
You can often find Calum in the classroom teaching the next generation of programmers.

AIE 3D Art Teacher | Jake Higgs

Jake Higgs

3D Art Teacher

Jakes artwork has been included in a number of exhibitions including the Canberra centenary celebrations at the Canberra Museum and Gallery and on the side of the National Portrait Gallery during Enlighten Festival.

Jakes expertise lies in creating detailed 3D environments for games.

AIE Game Programming Teacher | Duncan Henderson

Duncan Henderson

Game Programming Teacher

Duncan is a Co Founder of independent game development studio Evil Aliens.

As lead gameplay programmer at Evil Aliens his special ability is to smash together code like he is forging a warhammer. His game ORBITOR is currently on Steam Early Access and has been highlighted at events such as the Unite conference in Amsterdam.

Game Art Teacher | Dave Scotland

Dave Scotland

Game Art Teacher

Dave Scotland has over 14 years of CG production knowledge and experience, working for some of the biggest clients in the entertainment industry including, Disney, Warner Bros. Plastic Wax and Liquid Animation, just to name a few.

A regular author for 3D Artists Magazine, Dave is dedicated to bringing CG knowledge to anyone interested in learning... He started out, in production, as a 3D Animator and Technical Director before moving into the world of Compositing, Digital Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Throughout his career, Dave has been drawn to the process of sharing his knowledge with others and has a definite gift for teaching quite technical procedures and techniques to both experienced and novice operators.

Overbyte (Riot Games) | Kim Forrest

Kim Forrest

Mighty Kingdom

As a game, software and web development producer, manager and consultant, Kim brings 16 years of experience in game design and project management with a strong focus on agile methodology. Currently Kim is leading several projects at Mighty Kingdom as well as teaching at AIE. Kim was previously Senior Producer at Six Foot Kid, Lead Designer and Producer at Krome Studios and prior to that Game Designer and Project Leader at Ratbag Games. Kim has a proven record in successfully managing large game and software dev teams of 40 plus crew.

AIE Game Programming Teacher | Dr Mike Cooper

Dr Mike Cooper

Programming Teacher

Dr Mike Cooper has been a programmer in the Adelaide Games Industry since 2000, working for Ratbag Games, Krome Studios and Six Foot Kid. He's made games for PS2, XBox, PSP, Wii, Android and iOS during this time. He's now bringing this range of experience and his love of maths to AIE, teaching subjects like Computer Graphics, Physics and Complex Games Systems to the second year Advanced Diploma Games Programming students.

AIE Game Art Teacher | Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey

Game Art Teacher

Adam is a game design teacher at the Adelaide AIE campus, working with both Advanced Diploma and certificate course students. Adam has worked in the industry as a level designer, where he has worked on big budget console titles, as well as smaller mobile games. His passion lies in VR, specifically VR mobile platforms such as GearVR and Google Cardboard.

AIE Game Art Teacher | Mardie Jackson

Mardie Jackson

Game Art Teacher

Mardie pursued the freelance art-train before settling at Mighty Kingdom, a local app and games developer.Between teaching, she works on titles for IOS and Android, including the recently released "Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville" and "Disney: Learn to Read."

AIE Film Art Teacher | Mathew Ziegeler

Mathew Ziegeler

Film Art Teacher

Matt has 8 years professional animation experience working on short films, televisions series, commercials and video games. His work credits include the television series Figaro Pho, which has won AFI's for Creative Excellence and Best Children's Television Animation.

AIE Game Art Teacher | Christopher Hopgood

Christopher Hopgood

Game Art Teacher

Chris has been working in the games industry since 2012. He got his start developing artwork through the Steam Workshop for Valve's Dota 2. As a result of that work Chris attend the International in 2014 as attend workshop artist. Sine then Chris has continued to work as a freelance artist for mobile titles and began teaching at AIE in 2016.