Dean Finnigan is AIE's new Head of Game Art

Dean Finnigan is AIE's new Head of Game Art


We catch up with Dean Finnigan, who has recently been appointed as AIE’s Head of Game Art

Dean brings almost 20 years of experience working in the games and film industry and has worked on projects such as Fable, L.A. Noire and Legend of the Guardians.

What are you expecting to bring into the role?

I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years as a lead artist and animation director on many high profile AAA game development projects, high end game cinematics and film projects. So hopefully I can apply that experience to maintain and develop our way forward as a high quality creative institution and support all the teaching staff who bring such a high level of technical expertise to the students.

I have recruited and built many creative teams from the ground up and had the pleasure of working with so many talented teams of highly creative artists on some very stressful projects with tight deadlines. I have managed teams both in house and virtually and this will allow me to develop a close working relationship will all the teachers both nationally and internationally and really look forward to seeing how we can build a great support network for both developing our skills and teaching practice.

What made you decide to work at AIE?

AIE has a fantastic reputation providing superior quality education that is industry relevant, and a big part of the role will be constantly evaluating how we need to move forward at a pace that matches the industry. This will allow us to carry on nurturing amazing students who are competing for those jobs in the industry.

I’ve also been teaching for many years and teaching the year 2 Advanced Diploma or Game Art and Animation at AIE, I have experienced what a challenge it is to deliver our high quality courses and how much more the teachers give in order to make AIE stand out in quality.

I feel the combination of experience, managing creative teams on many diverse projects and my teaching experience will bring a good combination that compliments the requirements of this new role.

How do you feel about this new position?

I’m really excited to start working with so many talented people across all campuses and although there is a strong identity within each campus, we are all effectively working together developing AIE as an animation and VFX educator second to none.

I’m looking forward to the possibilities and challenges that this will bring both in cross campus collaboration and also developing an amazing pool of resources we will all benefit from. Developing stronger connections to each campus and tapping into so many diverse skill sets and experience is something that really is appealing moving forward.

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