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Future Skills Experience

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is inviting year 11 and 12 students to showcase a range of future careers that relate to STEM skills. The majority of the world’s fastest growing occupations require STEM skills and there is an urgent need for a skilled workforce in hundreds of emerging industries in Australia.

Zero to Gamedev

How I went from knowing nothing about making games to selling one

New AIE student game - Alanis and the Great Eastern Wind

A game created as part of the Second year Major Production by AIE Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development students

6 Reasons to Attend Open Day

Get a feel for what happens at our AIE Open Day

48 Hour Space Station Corridor – Breakdown

Jake Higgs is one of the first year game art teachers at AIE and together with fellow AIE alumni Kyle Chin they decided to challenge themselves to develop an environment in 48 hours.

Graduate Showcases connect AIE students with industry

Second-year students had the opportunity to impress dozens of industry professionals at the AIE Graduate Showcase.

Student Showcase: Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor is a second-year Screen & Media student at the AIE’s Canberra campus. We liked two of his slick, funny animated projects so much we wanted to share them here.

38 AIE games shown at PAX Aus

The showfloor of PAX Aus 2015 was packed full of games made by AIE students, staff and alumni.

Bearzerkers heads into Early Access on Steam

The debut game from Wildgrass, one of the teams in the AIE Incubator program in Canberra, has taken a step closer to full release and is now available in Early Access on Steam.

AIE takes delivery of PlayStation 4 development kits

AIE students will be able to sharpen their PlayStation 4 skills following the arrival of PS4 development kits at our Australian campuses.