AIE ushers in first ever Game Design graduates

AIE ushers in first ever Game Design graduates

Forty-four students across the Sydney and Melbourne campuses are the first recipients of AIE’s Game Design and Production Advanced Diploma.

The two-year advanced diploma was introduced in Sydney and Melbourne in 2014 and at the end of this year 28 students graduated in Sydney and 16 graduated in Melbourne.

“I am incredibly proud of AIE's first game design and production graduates,” says Alex Carlyle, Head of Department, Game Design.

“They have blazed a trail for many aspiring designers to follow in their footsteps and I am confident that they will go on to craft great experiences in their careers.

“It has been a pleasure to be a part of their journey throughout the course and I have been continually impressed with the calibre of work they have produced.”

The Game Design stream of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development is a two year, full-time course written by experienced game designers, in consultation with local and international studios, to produce innovative graduates who will lead the next generation of game development.

Many of the first group of Game Design graduates have already gone on to secure positions in the local industry and several have publishing interest in their games.

Murray Lorden, Game Design teacher in Melbourne, highlights the achievements of a couple of his students: “Darcy Smith got a job with League of Geeks to become the QA Lead on Armello. He’s now focused on social media and audience engagement.

“Xanthe Folan was the game designer and producer on Beer Run, an endless runner for mobile, which Playside have shown interest in publishing.”

Superstar Skirmish, designed by Matthew Flach, took out the award for Outstanding Major Project in Melbourne while Scourge of the Skies, made by a team led by Rowan Donaldson and pictured above, was selected as part of the GCAP Student Showcase for 2015.

“I'm really proud of all my Game Design and Production students,” Murray adds. “They have shown passion and skill, and they've been a real pleasure to teach, and to get to know.

“The course is going from strength to strength, with lots of fresh ideas and tweaks going into a new year for 2016.”

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