Adelaide Film boom continues

Adelaide Film boom continues


Australia’s doors remain open to AAA productions while the talent pool builds. Having more and more graduates finding work and with the news about the industry growth, Nathan Perkins, Aanikka Holder and Mikey Majchrzak have all tasted what the industry is like and were lucky enough to work on several productions together. Those included are Peter Rabbit, Animal World and Tomb Raider.

We asked them what it was like to be able to work together as team, to which they stated:

Nathan Perkins | AIE Graduate“Working in a team really builds a sense of comradery, especially when each member of the team is able to help one another to achieve our best work. It makes the work we do that much more enjoyable, and that's why it's important to be a team player.”

The industry is fun and unique, with more and more films being created with some level of CGI. The same can be said for mediums such as television and streaming services. With the rise of Netflix, HBO and similar companies, a big portion of the industry has already branched out to these areas

Mikey and Aanikka have been graduated and working for a year and a half now while Nathan completed his course 6 months ago. Landing their first jobs in the industry either shortly before finishing or during the following months after. “part of what helped me land the job was my former networking with one of the recruiters, which goes to show why networking can be just as important” said Nathan.

Nathan currently works as an Animation TA. This role is to ensure work done by the animators could be handed off to other departments as well as assisting and lightening the load for senior animators.

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