Students meet Watch Dog Devs

Students meet Watch Dog Devs

Students meet Watch Dog Devs


AIE students and teachers from the Sydney campus were recently visited by Developers from Ubisoft Montreal, Canada.

Jean-François Poirier, Producer of the game “Child Of Light” & Kevin Shortt, Lead Story Designer from “Watch Dogs” hosted a panel-type discussion with AIE students who were extremely keen to pick the brains of this creative pair.

Prior to the event the students were requested to submit questions and organizers of the event were able to tailor the discussion toward the students and their experiences making it more relevant and engaging. 

Both developers introduced themselves and gave us a little bit of a background on what their roles and gave us an insider’s view into Ubisoft culture and its strong emphasis on family culture, growth and support – their office even sports a day care centre for those with small children at the office in Montreal!


Jean-François went into depth about the art tools used for child of light, and was able to show us a sneak peak of never before seen footage of the making of the game.

Kevin Shortt showed us the motion capture involved to create the characters realistic movements, and gave us an insight into his background in film before proceeding to games. Kevin worked on several game titles such as Lost: Via Domus and Avatar: The Game

At the end of the event Dan Toose (AIE Incubator Coordinator) had commented that “The event provided students a chance to meet developers at a AAA studio from overseas, and hear first-hand how development works in that environment. For a lot of our students, that's where they may want to end up”

AIE continues to have guest speakers from the games and film industry on a regular basis. This year alone we have been lucky enough to have guests from Disney, Pixar, Animal Logic, Plastic Wax, 2K and many more.