TownCraft - Game Review

TownCraft - Game Review

TownCraft - Game Review


Sydney indie team, Flat Earth Games, are creating some hype with their newly released game, TownCraft. With promising reviews across the media including ABC’s Good Game, the Sydney Morning Herald and a number of reviews in all the popular gaming blogs, it is looking like TownCraft has certainly grabbed some attention.

So why are we telling you about TownCraft? Justine Colla and Corey Attard, that’s why! Both Justine and Corey are AIE 2011 graduates and are part of the Flat Earth Games crew who have been working on this game. Justine (Character Artist) and Corey (Environment Artist) have joined forces with the games creators, Rohan and Leigh Harris, to develop this highly engaging medieval city-building game.

TownCraft will test your crafting and medieval analytical skills as you work to create new objects which you will use to construct your city around you. As you progress through the game you move from creating the basic building blocks of life to more advanced assets which you are able to trade with local travellers from across the land. As your city continues to grow the possibilities seem endless, create flour by harvesting wheat and building a windmill, and then mix it with water to make bread. Or, mix hops, grapes and a barrel and you will have yourself some nice wine to sell!

The founders of the game are obviously very passionate about their creation and very active on their Facebook page, so if you get stuck, just post your question and they will get straight back to you.

TownCraft has absolutely no in game purchases, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. We give TownCraft a big two thumbs up, at least we would if we could stop playing the game.