Student in Focus - Thomas Mulray

Student in Focus - Thomas Mulray

Student in Focus - Thomas Mulray


Thomas Mulray is currently studying the  Advanced Diploma of professional game development specializing in Game Programming.

I recently caught up with Tom to see what he's been up to lately, his current projects and his future aspirations.

What inspired you to come study at AIE?

Video games have been a passion of mine since I was very young. I've always thought it was one of the best forms of entertainment.
My dream is to be an entertainer so naturally I wanted to look into game development. I knew I wasn't great at visual art, so I figured I’d try out programming.

I found AIE online and tried out their certificate III in C++programming, expecting to struggle with programming.

Turns out I loved it! It was a no-brainer to sign up with AIE for the Advanced Diploma and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

How has your experience at AIE Been so far?

It goes without saying I've learned a lot! Not just about the art of programming but also learning how to learn things for yourself. The industry is always evolving; new technologies come out every year. 

So self-teaching is a big part of staying employable.

For me, the best part of studying at AIE is learning your craft with people who share your passion. I've met and have had the privilege to work with some brilliant minds over my two years studying at AIE

And though it’s been intimidating at times, it inspires me to see where my new found skills can take me.

Where do you see yourself in the not too distant future?

The lofty dream is to lead design over high budget games. But walking out of AIE into a job is very possible. I'm hoping to find a job with a small games company in Australia and find a junior programming role. 

The great thing about the skill set I’m learning is it can be applied to lots of jobs outside of games, so my options are open. 

I'd love to work overseas at places like Valve or Bethesda Softworks but I’m trying to take things one step at a time.  

What kind of projects are you currently working on at the moment?

I'm doing some programming work for a small Australian indie company called SitRep Games.

I'm working on an upcoming title of theirs "Letter Boxing 2" as well also working heavily on my end of year assignment "Natz n' Boltz" and finally I am also looking into build my own UI System as part of my required research assignment.

Thomas (Far Left) With his team who recently exhibited their game "Natz and Boltz" at iFEST and was awarded runner up.