Student in Focus - Tallon Watt

Student in Focus - Tallon Watt

Student in Focus - Tallon Watt


Tallon Watt is currently in her second year of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development - Specialising in Game Art and Design

I spoke with Tallon to find out what she enjoys about studying at AIE. 


Journey to AIE:  
I first heard about AIE when I saw a commercial on TV when I was about fifteen years old. Ever since then I have dedicated myself to learning and developing my art skills. When high school finished I got a job and saved some money up so I could move to Sydney and study.   Moving to Sydney was one of the most terrifying decisions I'd ever made. I remember being so scared. Having to leave my family and friends in Bathurst and start a completely new life in the big city. Thanks to the AIE Sydney Facebook group I found a share house I could move into.


Personal experience at AIE so far:  
AIE quickly became my favourite place to be. I made so many friends. Everyone that studies here has the same interests that you do, so making friends is almost automatic!  High school for me was constantly striving to fit in. But here it’s like I finally feel like I could belong.    I'm currently halfway through my second year at AIE and to be honest... I don't think I want to graduate! I remember starting my first day, opening Maya and almost having a heart attack. It looked like such a daunting program. But within a week I was comfortable and learning new things every day.   When you apply yourself to studying, the teachers will always go out of their way to help you learn. It’s such a great environment here too. It feels very casual and comfortable.


Learning and AIE and looking to the Future:  
AIE has helped me develop my skills so much. The teachers are dedicated and always willing to help those who want to strive and there's so much content they supply you with, there's always something you can go home with and learn more about.


Graduating for me is a scary thing. Throughout the two years here I've been slowly developing a portfolio so I can leave here with a good chance of getting a job.  
 One day I'd love to be working overseas in one of my favourite game studios, such as Blizzard, Bethesda or Naughty Dog.

 But for now I'd like to work on my resume and build some experience here in Sydney.

Interviewed by Jessica, Communications Coordinator Sydney.

Pictured below: 3D character model created by Tallon Watt