Student Game - Ball Point

Student Game - Ball Point

Student Game - Ball Point


As part of the second year of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, programming and art students team up to develop a game. Teams pitch their designs to a panel of industry experts and then spend 15 weeks developing their games. The team behind Ball Point provide an insight into the development cycle of their game Ball Point. 

BACKGROUND - Ball Point was a concept that a few friends came up with years prior to AIE. When time came to pitch game ideas for the final project of second year, the idea was resuscitated when we pitched Ball Point, and ended up being voted in. The game was prototyped by 4 members, and was given the green light for development phase.


PROCESS - Prototyping was a difficult process, we learnt the difficulties about just getting the simple game mechanics working and trying to manage the team in early days, constant concepting caused slight unrest for the artists who weren't adapt with concept work.


Once we were green lit for development, it all happened in full swing. We started pretty relaxed and unaware if how long the process of game development was, but the moment we started to realize how close all the date for alpha completion and beta were, we got the wake up call. Deadlines had to set and stressed to all members to make sure everyone was on target for the goals. Crunch time was intensive for us, but wasn't as bad as we expected. It started to get to a point where people where running out of things to do. In retrospect of course, there was no doubt more smaller polish tasks that could have been assigned, but the game didn't suffer from it.

FUTURE VISION - Three members of the Ball Point team “Nucleus Studio” are planning to form an Indie development company under a new name and new direction. In the mean time, Ball Point will be archived away and may possibly see future redesign and development.


RECOMMENDATION - To all those looking at Games for 2nd year at AIE. Be ready to learn how arduous game development is, but how undoubtedly fun and rewarding it can be. I thoroughly enjoyed my year learning more about game development, and I'm sure you will too. To all those looking at AIE for tertiary education. AIE taught me above and beyond what I expected in terms of 3d art and game development, and helped prepare all of us for the Games and CG industries. We cannot thank all of the staff and student enough for all their help.

Ball Point CREDITS 


Travers Dunkinson – Project Lead, Design Lead, S&VFX Engineer, Interface Artist.

Jared Mulconry – Programming Lead, Gameplay Engineer, UI Engineer.

Andrew Wilks – Art Lead, Texture Artist, Technical Artist.

Jared Hopkins – Environment Artist,  Asset Artist, Texture Artist.

Bill Petropoulos – Gameplay Engineer, Feature Engineer, HUD Engineer

Dylan Johnson – Character Artist, Texture Artist.

Design Inspiration 

Character Concept