Spelunking Club Session Gets Loud

Spelunking Club Session Gets Loud

Spelunking Club Session Gets Loud


Last month we showed you an 8 day rapid prototype game built by AIE students. The students who created Dangerous Spelunking Choreographer have been quietly working away on the game in between class for the last few months and are ready to debut their game and take on the world.

The group of 8 AIE Canberra students have banded together under the name Sprite Hammer Games. Encouraged by the great response from AIE teachers, students and comments on the YouTube video seen on the AIE Video Blog, the team has evolved the game from the original prototype and have submitted a new build to the Independent Games Festival in the US. Stay tuned to the AIE HYPERLINK "http://www.facebook.com/AIEEdu"facebook page for more info on the how the game fares.

Spelunking Club Session can best be described as a ‘nightclub sim’ with players stepping into the role of manager, choosing how best to attract clients to their club by adding everything from dance floors and bars to bubble machines and lasers. Items the player places in the game influences the number of people who will come and spend money, allowing you to build an even more extravagant club. Each item in the game has three upgradeable levels allowing you to change the floor from dingy bar to seizure inducing greatness.

The game has not only garnered attention from within the AIE, several Australian DJ’s will be providing exclusive tracks for the game. While developing the game the team put out word that they were looking for people to create the music and sound effects for the game. They stuck gold after their initial video reached DJ’s including Total Science, Miracle Blue and LCK who all liked what they saw and agreed to provide music for the game.

For your chance to get hands on with the students IGF entry submission be sure to head to the AIE Open Day November 19HYPERLINK "http://www.aie.edu.au/announcements/open-day-saturday-19th-november"th.To keep up to date with Spelunking Club Sessions head over to the Sprite Hammer Studio’s website.