Rising Stars - The Chicken Shop Team - "Me Time"

Rising Stars - The Chicken Shop Team - "Me Time"

Rising Stars - The Chicken Shop Team - "Me Time"

Recently, a group of first year students studying Animation at AIE produced a quality project for Reachout. The aim was to reach out to the younger Australian community and raise the awareness of mental health issues and to guide teens in need of help to visit the Reachout website. The animation was successful, and the client decided to use it on their website, and Facebook page. We caught up with the group to see how they created "Me Time" 

Who are the members of your group?

Aaron Bautista, Aram Davern, Michael De Caria, Jonathon Iskov, Roy La Torre

You call yourselves "The Chicken Shop team" how did you come up with this name?

Michael: We're called The Chicken Shop Team because we've been going to a chicken shop every lunch time since the start of the year.

Would you work together again?

Aaron: Definitely, these guys are great to work with and it would be great to work together again. However, it would be great to work alongside different people as well.

Aram: Yes I would like to work together again

Jonathon: Definately, that’s the plan for next year. Most of us are going into screen.

What course are you currently all studying and what are your thoughts on studying at AIE? 

Aaron: We're all finishing our first year at AIE. This year has been amazing, and fairly intense! You are thrown into it and I am finding the experience challenging and extremely rewarding. It's super funny comparing my work from the start of the year knowing no 3D at all to my work nowadays less than 10 months later.

Jonathon: We are currently finishing up our first year here at AIE, and I plan to go on to Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. This year has been great I have learned so much. When I first started here I had no idea how to do any 3D work, now I feel confident with my skills and can’t wait to learn more.

What was your short animation about, and why did you choose to do it?

Aaron: Our animation was a short about exam stress and taking some, 'Me Time' that was for the ReachOut.com website

Michael: Yes, it was to remind us how important it is to have regular 'me-time' while you're studying hard and to find the right balance between the two.

Why did you choose this particular client to do work for? 

Aaron: A bunch of my friends were doing the HSC and clearly freaking out, so the idea came from that. We looked around and contacted a bunch of people who we thought could help push the idea out, and ReachOut.com was the most receptive and keen!

Jonathon: We wanted to work with a not-for-profit organisation. We ran through a few ideas and decided that with the HSC coming up it would be good to do something on exam stress.  

What advice do you have for other animation students starting out?

Aaron: More work gets done if you start early and plan well. And group dynamics are important, our project turned out a lot better because we were having fun and it didn't feel like work!

Aram: To plan ahead for anything that can go wrong.

Jonathon: Communication is the obvious thing. Every morning we would have a small meeting so we always knew exactly where we were at and what needed to be done.

Michael: Pre-production is important, working with your client and keeping everything organised will make everything go a lot more smoother.

Roy:  My advice for anyone who wants to create assets/model objects is of course to have some "Me-Time" every hour or two!

You can follow The Chicken shop team's blog here, and see how their animation came to life!