Rising stars - Hexanim

Rising stars - Hexanim

Rising stars - Hexanim


Recently I spoke with Hexanim productions - a team of AIE Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media students whose project "Moss and Twigz"  was short listed for the Realise Your Dream competition hosted by triple J and The British Council.

Tell me a little about the birth of "Hexanim" - how did all you talented individuals end up working together? 

We are mostly intensive students from Kim’s class last year - the four of us (Carly Glover, James McCarthy, JamesDobson and Matt Rossato) worked really well together on our final end of year client production ‘Tony The Tonka’.

So when it came to a VFX project earlier this year the four of us were keen to work together again, however we were missing vital ingredients, an animator and a rigger, so thankfully Ben Cha and Justin Mancuso came on board for the production of ‘Duchess’. 

Twigz' Character Artist: James Dobson

Our roles are: Carly Glover - Producer/Character Modeller, James Mcarthy - Director/Environment artist, James Dobson - Character Modeller/Animator, Matt Rossato - 2D animator/Layout artist, Ben cha - Lead animator/previs supervisor, and Justin Mancuso - Rigger simulation & Dynamics supervisor.

So when our short film productions were announced we all decided to collaborate on an idea and stick together to produce that concept into something that could be
more than just a school project. Throughout all 3 productions we’ve definitely had our challenges and violent fights with Mental Ray but when it came to each other 
we found common ground, we were all dedicated to producing the best work we could and really just happy to be a part of a capable and creative team.
 We are all currently working on a project that we hope to follow through with after graduating from AIE and turn our team of six into a small animation studio.

What are you currently working on at the moment?

Our project is called ‘Moss & Twigz’ an animation that is a fantasy/adventure story for 8-12 year olds. It takes place on a fantasy island set in ancient times, two opposing clans share one great mountain and are constantly at odds with each other. As the black sheep in his family, Moss is considered too young to fight along side his clan. However, when he is finally of age it is his turn to journey to the top of the mountain, where he must put aside his
self doubt for the greater good of his people. Together with TWIGZ, a girl from the opposing tribe, they must learn to accept each other and work together if they ever want to survive the dangers lurking behind every corner.

'Moss' Character Artist: Carly Glover

What was the inspiration to choose the childrens genre for your animation? 

While we are all big fans of the more controversial animations such as Ren and Stimpy, it came down to a business decision to start with something more versatile and less likely to be turned down due to contentious content. We heard there was a big market for the 0-3 year demographic, however the prospect of creating animations for that age group long term was a little draining. We wanted more of a challenge. So we decided on the 8-12 year old demographic and then started brainstorming ideas with that age group in mind rather than the other way round. Animation give you the ability to create a world from nothing - so we decided to create a world that would have blown our minds when we were younger.

Left to Right: Matthew Rossato, Carly Glover, James McCarthy, Justin Mancuso
Bottom Left to Right: James Dobson, Ben Cha

Moss & Twigz looks exciting indeed. Where do you see Hexanim in the future?

We are definitely interested in taking our idea of Moss & Twigz further, and will be looking into funding to make future episodes of Moss & Twigz next year. Since we are currently short listed for the Realise Your Dream competition

we hope to take as much away from that experience as possible. Beyond Moss & Twigz, we are certainly looking into developing other ideas for children’s programs as the plan is to form our own animation studio where we can retain a certain level of creative control. To follow Hexanim's Production Blog click here.

Submitted by Jessica Jazic