Programming Expose with Jack Mccallum

Programming Expose with Jack Mccallum

Programming Expose with Jack Mccallum

1. Who are you and what course are you enrolled in?

My name is Jack McCallum and I am enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (games programming).  I am currently in my second year of study and loving every second of it!

2. Why did you choose to enrol at AIE?

Prior to AIE, I had enrolled in several other programming and game development courses however I just found the content of these courses lacking the in-depth learning experience I was looking for.  I found it difficult to maintain motivation and the topics being taught were dull and un-engaging.  I barely learnt a thing.  When I eventually heard about AIE, I did some research into the college and it certainly caught my attention.  I organised a visit to the campus and a sit down with a teacher and from this point I knew this was where I needed to come to study.  AIE was very professional from the moment I stepped through the door and had a huge push for “industry standard” learning which was very important for me.

3. How did you make the choice to pursue a career in programming?

I have been interested in programming for a long, long time now.  I first started teaching myself a program called Game Maker when I was around 14 years old.  The more I played, the more I learnt which just fuelled my fire to keep teaching myself new and interesting programming techniques.  Since then, I have moved onto advanced programming languages such as C++ and continue to learn and evolve my programming skills every day.

4. Were you interested in programming through high school?

Throughout high school I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in game development.  I enjoy different aspects of game development, it has been my passion for a long time.  After doing some research and looking at what my personal interests were, I decided that programming had the most appeal and interest for me.

5. Now that you have programming experience is it what you originally expected?

To be honest, I don't remember what I originally expected. What I do know though is that I never expected it to be anything like how they portray programmers in the movies!

6. What is your preferred area of programming?

My preferred area of programming is graphics! It is very challenging and so much fun!  I'm always finding new ways to make things run and look cooler.  Graphics can be a total pain to get right sometimes, but when it works and finally starts to look awesome, it's very satisfying.

7. What recommendations would you have for any aspiring programmers out there thinking of pursuing that as a career?

Programming takes a lot of patience and dedication to gain a good understanding of all of the different topics.  It always forces you to think outside of the box and apply problem solving techniques to identify the ultimate solution to the problem.  I would recommend that any aspiring programmers wanting to pursue a career in game programming do some research into what is actually involved in programming and ensure that they are fully aware of what it is a programmer really does….not just what the movies make you think.