Polycount's VG Remix Competition Winner

Polycount's VG Remix Competition Winner

Polycount's VG Remix Competition Winner




Brendan Bottomley is a second year Art teacher at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) – Melbourne Campus. He has been working there for nearly four years in this role and previously worked at Sony Studios – Cambridge UK. One of his major highlights was working on the very first DeBlob game for the Nintendo Wii at THQ as a concept artist developing the characters and environments.


He regularly visits and highly recommends the Polycount Website which focuses on the latest in video game development. This includes the latest in software development, general industry news and new competitions.




A few weeks ago Polycount introduced a new worldwide competition that was sponsored by Sketchfab called “The Video Game Remix”. This was a throwback to the early PlayStation 2 days focusing on the same kind of texture and geometry restrictions. Participants had to create a 3D diorama of their favourite video game within three weeks.




This competition excited Brendan simply because he wanted to raise his profile and prove to his students the importance and benefits of entering such a competition. With only a couple weeks until the deadline he had to start working immediately during any spare time he had. His goal was to re-create the game OCTOPUS which was a Nintendo Game & Watch handheld with a modern twist. In total he spent approximately 20 hours on this project. Not only did this involve the creation of the 3D diorama but also the management of a forum with regular updates of the construction process such as concept sketches, modelling, texturing and even a 15 minute video tutorial.




After completion he was coincidentally on holiday in Bali sitting by the poolside when he received a FaceBook message from one of his students informing him of coming first place. He immediately went to the website to read this for himself and was very proud and excited to see all the positive feedback and support from the community.




Brendan says that “It feels fantastic to win this competition and it’s honestly nice to be recognized for all the hard work that I had put in. At the end of the day I hope that this will inspire and motivate my students and others to enter lots of competitions, to be active on these types of forums and be passionate about their work.”



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