PAX AUS highlights Australian game development

PAX AUS highlights Australian game development

PAX AUS highlights Australian game development


30,000 gamers took over the Melbourne Showgrounds as part of the first Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) held outside of the US. PAX AUS was a great success that highlighted the latest AAA games in the industry alongside innovative titles made by Australian independent developers.

The World of Tanks and League of Legends booths could be heard from every corner of the Expo Hall, abolishing any doubt surrounding the decreasing popularity of free – to – play games as they constantly drew the largest crowds. Nintendo didn’t shy away from its fans, showing both the highly anticipated Super Mario 3D World and hosting the Australian Pokémon Video Game National Championship.

View from the Expo Hall Entrance

Those lucky enough to brave the lines were able to feast their eyes on the new 1080p Oculus Rift, which looked amazing! (if your keen to try the Oculus Rift, Canberra Campus will be showcasing student made games using the virtual reality headset at the Open Day on Sunday 18th August).  Xbox fans were able to get closer than ever before to the Xbox One. Unfortunately no playable Xbox One games were shown. This was purely a photo op.

There were also a variety of panels at PAX AUS…. if you got in the line nice and early. Those that made it inside were treated to great industry insight by both Australian and international speakers.

Local developers had an amazing showcase with the ANZ Indie Booth highlighting some of the best games produced in the region. Some of the highlights included Framed, Particulars and Epoch 2.

Framed is the debut title from Love Shack Entertainment. Co-Founded by AIE Graduate, Joshua Boggs, Framed is a narrative puzzle game where the player moves the frames of a comic book in order to successfully get the hero to the end of the page. That explanation does not do the game justice! Watch the concept trailer below for a better understanding of this amazing indie title.

Particulars by See Through Studios explores the interactions between sub atomic particles.  If you were not lucky enough to attend PAX AUS, you are able to get in on the Alpha funding for the game now. Head over to http://www.particularsgame.com/

The highly anticipated sequel from Uppercut Games debut title, Epoch 2, was announced on the first day of PAX . Epoch 2 is a great example of the highly polished quality that a small team of indie developers are able to create, with mobile games that rival the larger studios. It was great catching up with the developers of these games and seeing so many AIE Graduates leading the industry with innovative games.

The AIE booth wasn’t left out of the indie dev fun with 6 Incubator teams provided with space to exhibit their games. 

Dancing Dinosaur Games – Collateral

Evil Aliens – Deflector

Wildgrass Games – Charged

Cardboard Keep – Vein Gods

Atomizer Games – Heist

Little Reaper – Grim Balance

The best thing about PAX AUS was meeting with other indie developers.” Calum Spring – Co Founder Cardboard Keep

Judge Dredd showing his laws of animation

Next for the incubator devs is PAX Prime in Seattle, the biggest indie games expo in the world. Incubator developers are going to PAX Prime as part of their course curriculum and will have the opportunity to show their games off to an international audience.

Without a doubt, we are looking forward to PAX AUS returning to Melbourne in 2014. To bring your game ideas to life and potentially exhibit at a future PAX AUS come to the AIE Open Day August Sunday 18th.