New Consoles of 2013

New Consoles of 2013

New Consoles of 2013

2013 will be remembered as a very interesting year for Gamers and Developers with the announcement of FIVE new gaming consoles... and the possibility of a couple more to go. Most surprisingly these are NOT from industry giants Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. To get the inside scoop on which new consoles are the ones to watch, we talked to David, Amanda, Rohan, Lachlan and Josh at Dancing Dinosaur Games, an Indie Developer about to launch their first game as part of the AIE Incubator Program.

Gamestick (www.gamestick.tv) – For only $79 and being advertised as “the most portable TV games console ever created!” Users simply remove the HDMI stick from the actual controller and plug it into a screen and away you go.  

“Gamestick's portability and simple design make it a great looking device for a cheap and simple game console. With an open development platform like Android behind it I can see this becoming a popular and successful console for indies.” -David  


OUYA (www.ouya.tv) – An Android based console the size of a Rubix Cube that promotes FREE-To-Try Gaming. Developers can completely modify without voiding the warranty and get started making games with a developer kit.

“I'm looking forward to the release of the OUYA, a console which look set to challenge the status quo of console game development. What makes the OUYA appealing to indie developers is that the system itself is a development kit; it comes with all the tools needed to make a game, without the financial burden of licensing fees, SDKs, publishing fees etc.

The OUYA has the ability to submit and publish to the game store quickly and easily, giving developers the freedom to experiment with new ideas, and release their games in a convenient manner. Opening the console market up means we will see more creative and innovative console games coming from a wider range of developers. I hope to see (and produce!) some interesting and original games for this indie-friendly console.”- Amanda   

UNU (www.facebook.com/Unutablet) – This unique Tablet/Gaming Console/Smart TV device is a complete all in one entertainment unit. Featuring a unique “Air Mouse Remote” that also flips over as a full keyboard.    

“The UNU is an upcoming Android tablet that is able to be docked with any T.V. allowing a merger of portable and home gaming in a single device, the included Air-Mouse and Bluetooth controller, combined with the UNU's internal touch screen and accelerometers give one of the largest ranges of input available in a consumer device.

The UNU, with such a large range of input devices would allow a game-developer to have many different ways to play their game, the use of and possible combination of these input methods would give a developer much power for innovation, as well as offering the comfort zone of the standard controller and touch-screen methods.”- Rohan

As a big plus, the UNU's other features as a smart T.V. device as well as social networking features makes it an attractive option to consumers, thus giving a larger audience to the developer.



Project SHIELD (www.shield.nvidia.com) – NVIDIA has always been known for their graphics chips and surprised everyone by announcing their first entry into the Gaming Console. This particular console is actually a full-size gaming controller with its own 5-Inch HD multi-touch display. Gamers can also wirelessly stream everything to their big screen TV. 

Not only does the shield support android games, it also lets you to remotely play games on your PC. A handheld console with the potential power of a high end gaming PC, isn't that what I've been asking for since the Gameboy colour?” -Lachlan   


Razer Edge Pro (www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-edge-pro) – The Razer Edge Pro is being advertised as PC Gamers Dream machine. It offers a Tablet Mode, Keyboard Mode, Mobile Console Mode and a Home Console Mode. The complete setup will set you back a couple of thousand dollars as each accessory is sold separately.   

So the Razer Edge Pro is my favourite of the line-up it is essentially the same hardware we currently are developing on but portable. This means no expensive Dev kits, no need to port the game, and it will run start out of the box.“ - Josh

Each new Console, Tablet, Stick has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. But at the end of the day the Gamers and most importantly the Developers are the winners as it gives everyone more choice, variety and opportunities.

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