Industry Interview - Christophe Desse: Naughty Dog

Industry Interview - Christophe Desse: Naughty Dog

Industry Interview - Christophe Desse: Naughty Dog


AIE's Brendan Bottomley asked Naughty Dog's Christophe Desse for his tips on landing a job in the game development industry and how to create a winning character entry in Construct3D

Christophe's work can be seen in some of the highest rated games of this generation including The Last of Us and Uncharted franchise. 

Brendan: A lot of students love making characters and I often get the question, how do I make better characters. Do you have any pointers for aspiring character artists?   

Christophe: Open your eyes and look at the world around you, not everyone is a perfect human, and not every woman has the ideal figure, nor does every guy have the perfect athletic physique. Most important of all, especially at the beginning... is to have fun

Brendan: The industry is tough to break into. What advice would you give to students about getting into the industry (naughty dog)?    

Christophe: Work on your portfolio, do not wait for the last 3 month of your education to put stuff together, do not wait to be spoon-fed.   

Post on forums , get your work noticed by your peers, get your work on many different forums ,work hard at school , and when you go home work even harder. I really believe that an art teacher cannot teach you how to be an artist, they can only guide you.

Brendan: Ok the question that needs to be asked and no doubt has been asked of you many times. What has been the biggest highlight of your career?   

Christophe: I would say so far with no hesitation, my first day at Naughty Dog, and I hope that they are still more highlights  to come :-)  

Brendan: Last question, as you are judging the character category of the Construct3D competition. Do you have any tips, suggestions and things you want/don’t want to see? 

Christophe: break the mould, have fun, be original and if you really have to do an Orc or big breasted woman then make sure that it is the best that the world have seen so far :-)

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