Incubator teams enjoy a stunning debut on the world stage

Incubator teams enjoy a stunning debut on the world stage

Incubator teams enjoy a stunning debut on the world stage


The AIE Incubator program is all about giving our graduates a place to take their first steps into forming their own companies and studios, and ensure they do that other thing developers do other than make games – Actually face the public and engage with them. This past month has arguably been the best and most active month in terms of exposing our talent to the world, with the Incubator studios making an outstanding showing at PAX Prime, iFEST, and this weekend at EB Expo.

Incubator students showcasing their games

For many of the indie teams, the trip to Seattle for PAX Dev and PAX Prime was both their first trip overseas, and even the first time demonstrating their games to the public – A hugely memorable and momentous experience, and most importantly, an extremely successful experience as well.

The reception the various teams received at PAX Prime was outstanding, and arguably the best result for a public showing AIE has ever put on at an expo. Aside from four straight days of having the American gaming public show their enjoyment and approval of the games from Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne – There was some serious interest shown from industry and media.

Wildgrass and Evil Aliens from Canberra both picked up ‘Best of PAX’ awards from Warp Zoned – Listing Pandamonium and Orbitor as being peers of the most highly anticipated indie games in development today such as Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime, Galak-Z, TowerFall, Scale and PixelJunk Inc. 
Industry clearly saw the Incubator studios as far more than a novelty group from across the pond – Representatives from the big players such as Microsoft, Nintendo and even Humble Bundle showed they liked what they saw by making a point of offering contact details with several teams.

The crowd at PAX Prime Seattle

Bouyed by the great reception they received from industry, media and gamers alike, most of the Incubator teams gained considerable confidence, and entered the contest at iFEST for the best independently developed game of the year. At Sydney’s iFEST, Big Paw games came joint runner-up – While Wildgrass took the grand prize at the Canberra iFEST competition. With Melbourne’s iFEST coming up this month, there’s a chance that each of our Incubators will have either a winner or runner-up in each city, which is a remarkable achievement given the volume of entries and quality of the competition.

And now, just one month from their successful debut showing, a total of seven teams from the Canberra and Sydney Incubators will be at it all again, this time back on home soil at the EB Expo this weekend. If you’re attending the show, make sure you head over to the AIE booths and make yourself known to the teams – At the rate these teams are going, by the time you’re ready to show your games to the world at an expo, they may well be the industry peers who help you out by sending folks your way when your studio needs the attention itself.

Submitted by Dan Toose.