Graduate Profile - Alex Hewitt

Graduate Profile - Alex Hewitt

Graduate Profile - Alex Hewitt


UPDATE: Alex Hewitt has just been offered a job at Weta Digital in New Zealand. We wish you the best of luck!

Alex Hewitt is a graduate of the 2011 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media and has recently been working as a Digital Artist at Animal Logic, 

Hi Alex,

Thanks for taking the time out to come and have a chat to us. It has been just over a year since you graduated from AIE and we hear you've been working at Animal Logic, how did you get the job?

My 2nd year teacher, Alan Maxwell, put me in touch with the guys at Animal Logic. They were looking for a Digital Artist; I went in for an interview on the Thursday, was offered the job on Friday and started on Monday. It all happened pretty quickly! I went in with my showreel and they were really impressed with the skills I had, and thankfully they lined up with what they were looking for at the time.

What were you working on while you were at Animal Logic?

I was lucky enough to be working on The Great Gasby while I was there. It was an amazing experience to be working on a feature film, something I will never forget.

How many people were working on The Great Gasby with you?

There would have been 250-300 people working on it. It is a massive project, the experience was invaluable. I always knew films took a lot of man power to create, but I don’t think you appreciate just how much effort goes into until you see it first-hand.

Did you run into many AIE graduates while you were there?

Funnily enough I sat next to Ibrahim Magdy while at Animal Logic, he was in my class at AIE. There would have been 15-20 graduates that I recognised there, probably more as there is something like 600 people currently working at Animal Logic.

You have just finished up your contract at Animal Logic, what’s next for you?

Before starting at Animal Logic I was working on a short film called The Alcoholemist. I am going to spend some time on that over the next few months and get it ready to be entered into some short -film festivals. Now that I have gained some good experience working for a big studio, I am hoping I can put some of what I have learnt into my personal project.

What is one piece of advice you would give to current students and recent graduates?

Remember to laugh, or you might end up crying! There are some long hours associated with the job especially when you have deadlines to meet. And really love what you do, if you get the opportunity to work at a company like Animal Logic, grab to opportunity with both hands and run!