Graduate in Focus - Luke Pham

Graduate in Focus - Luke Pham

Graduate in Focus - Luke Pham


http://www.aie.edu.au/Images/newsletter/photo.jpgLuke Pham – Class of 2011

After completing his Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development - Specialising in Art  AIE alum Luke Pham started sending the portfolio he created during his studies out to potential employers. After a few months of searching Luke successfully applied for a position as a 3D modeller at Catalyst Interactive; a leader in designing simulation training software for the military and mining industries. A number of his co-workers who are also AIE Alumni and have worked at companies including 2K Australia, THQ and Micro forte’.


“I geek out because they made some of my favourite games like Bioshock & SWAT 4 so it's especially inspiring to be working beside them!”


Serious games range from a simple point and click desktop game to a motion platform rig providing realistic feedback to the user. Major benefits include providing an immersive, safe and interactive training environment. The serious games and simulation industry in Australia is continually growing as more and more industries discover the benefits of (apologies for the buzz word) “gameification”. You can lay to rest the notion that working in serious games means you miss out on all the tech as Luke is currently developing simulations using CryEngine 3.


“The type of work we do here is really cool, it definitely looks like any realistic military game like Battlefield 3 or ARMA II, it's just in simulations you're not doing silly things like flying jets into people”


In addition to his Advanced Diploma Luke put in extra work including participating in events such as 48 hour Game Jams and joining up with fellow students to create prototypes in their spare time. The simulation seen in the image below created in less than a week by 4 students.




Luke has the following advice for current and future students.

“Work hard, do personal projects, be passionate. Go join a mod team, frequent art forums and post your work for critique, if you're making a new model or texture every week, you're definitely looking at someone who'll make it in the industry because they really want it, you can see that they've got the drive and passion to make it in the industry.”


If you are interested in a career in the serious games industry have a read of the Canberra students visit to the Coal Services Wollongong Training Facility. Alternatively contact your nearest AIE campus for information about how you can start your career.