Graduate in Focus

Graduate in Focus

Graduate in Focus


Michael Graham - Class of 2010

Studying at the AIE has given Michael an amazing amount of opportunities which he has grabbed with both hands. Although still fresh from graduating from the AIE, Michael has already been presented with some great opportunities and is now about to embark on his own major project.

In his second year at the AIE, Michael attended the annual Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) conference in Melbourne where he  was able to network with some of the industry's most renown  developers and companies. While at GCAP Michael was fortunate enough to meet some of the guys from 2K in Canberra who  mentioned they had a Quality Assurance position available. After returning from GCAP, Michael sent off his resume, nailed the phone interview and was on a plane a few days later for a face to face interview. Michael was packing his bags a week later and moving to Canberra! The experience Michael gained from working at 2K was incredibly valuable, he was   involved in almost every aspect of the company from scheduling art change requests to the legal process before a game sees the light of day.

Michael has now finished up his contract with 2K and is back in Sydney ready to embark on a new and exciting project. While a lot of independent developers are developing games for smart phones and tablets, Michael has decided to create a series of PC games. An ambitious idea is an understatement, however Michael's business model coupled with his passion and desire to succeed puts him in good stead to start creating awesome games and establish a successful company.

Michael plans to employ past and graduating AIE students to work on the first game, which is great news for our students! Michael is currently accepting applications in all areas, please contact him if you are interested in finding out more about this exciting project.