Get to know Australian indie developers: Evil Aliens

Get to know Australian indie developers: Evil Aliens

Get to know Australian indie developers: Evil Aliens


15 new indie games developers have been created as part of the AIE Incubator program. Launched in 2012 the incubator helps students who have studied game development start up their own company. Put on some smooth jazz as we get cosy with one of the Canberra based indie devs Evil Aliens and their game ORBITOR.

ORBITOR is the first game being developed by Evil Aliens and you can help support it by pledging to the Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilaliens/orbitor

Evil Aliens is made up of 4 AIE alumni.

  • Dale Ward (co founder, lead designer, lead artist and sound designer)
  • Duncan Henderson (co founder and lead gameplay programmer)
  • Ashton Lockey (co founder and systems programmer)
  • Finn Spencer (artist, marketing and Twinkie enthusiast)

Check out the teaser trailer for their debut game ORBITOR below.

For most people after seeing the trailer you have two thoughts. That looks great! and what was it I just saw?! For the full answer to the second question it might be best to hit up their website www.evilaliens.co. In short (very short), the aim is to orbit different objects to build up your multiplier and get the high score. Balancing speed, energy and accuracy is key to surviving each galaxy. You can play a mechanics demo on the Evil Aliens website http://www.evilaliens.co/orbitor/

Dale, Duncan and Ashton first teamed up to produce a version of the game as part of the major assignment in their Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development course in 2010. Between completing their Advanced Diploma, starting the incubator AND teaching Certificate II courses at AIE, the trio had continued working on ORBITOR in their spare time. Once the incubator launched the team felt an extra person would be needed to complete the game. Enter Finn an AIE 2011 graduand.

Earlier this year Dale and Duncan gave a great talk about ORBITOR's origins at iFEST12. During the presentation they also spoke about the game design philosophies behind ORBITOR. If the teaser trailer left you curious about the game, the iFEST speech should help clarify any unanswered questions.

If you are in high school, college or have taken an AIE Cert II class in or around Canberra chances are you have had an opportunity to play an early build of the game. Members from the Evil Aliens team are always tagging along at careers expo demoing their game and drawing crowds around the AIE booth.

During the March Incubator trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco the Evil Aliens were able to get in contact directly with Unity Technologies and show off their trailer. It turned out that the Unity team had already passed the ORBITOR trailer around the office and liked what they had seen. With the help of Will Goldstone Author of “Unity 3.X Game Development Essentials”, the team were able to land their trailer on the official Unity 3D website.

ORBITOR isn't out just yet but you don’t have to wait too much longer. The team planes to have the game available in late 2012.

 “We’re so close, the core game is there and we have the Kickstarter and GreenLight campaigns out there so that gamers can support us. Between now and release we have to finalise the levels and continue to get the word out about ORBITOR” explained Dale.

Best of luck to the Evil Aliens team going forward. If you have more questions for the Evil Aliens great, but stop shouting at your monitor. The best places to reach them or contribute are on twitter @evil aliens, www.facebook.com/evilaliens or just send them a trusty email contactevilaliens@gmail.com

Over the coming months we will be looking at more indie devs from all three Australian Incubator Programs. Keep a close eye on www.facebook.com/aieedu or signup for the AIE newsletter to keep up to date.