Game Jam - Project M

Game Jam - Project M

Game Jam - Project M


Whether or not you think it is absolutely absurd to try and make a game in 48 hours, AIE students have once again put themselves to the test in the latest installment of Game Jam supremacy. This Game Jam saw teams not only competing to see who could concoct the best game around a particular theme, but also prize money on offer for teams who met a specific set of criteria.

Enter, Yee Ming Lau. Yee Ming sponsored the AIE Game Jam event offering students prize money across 4 categories. Each category had specific guidelines to adhere to and certainly added an interesting dimension to the challenge.

Yee Ming was judge and jury across the first three categories, while the fourth was left to an audience vote (winners below). 

So impressed with the quality of work and imaginative creations the students came up with, Yee Ming offered winners the opportunity to continue working on their ideas with her to further develop them in an effort to use the content in a major project.

Check out all the games made at the Game Jam at www.gamedevchallenge.com.au

Congratulations to the winners

1.       Game with best avatar creation & customisation functionality – Shapelings


2.       Game with best level /scene creation & customisation functionality – Skater


3.       Game with best gameplay involving the use of three shapes – Le GoGo Bots


4.       Online Audience vote – Shape Escape by Vegabond Interactive