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Collateral Steam

Collateral Steam


Last week 2012 AIE Incubator team, Dancing Dinosaur Games, was Greenlit on Steam for their game, Collateral.
“It is these moments that make me realise why I do this,” said Josh Woods, Managing Director at Dancing Dinosaurs Games (DDG).

After years in the making amongst other projects, Collateral has been voted by the Steam community as the top 75 games on they want to see available on Steam. Set in dystopian future drawing on inspiration from “The Fifth Element” and “Blade runner”, Collateral is an open world vehicular game that is unique in its design and gameplay making it highly anticipated release. 

“Being Greenlit will provide great exposure for Collateral. A lot of PC gamers regularly browse the Steam catalogue, so to be available on Steam as a small indie team would be huge for us and could play a major role in Collateral’s success," said David Northfield, Senior Programmer/Director at DDG.

Whilst they still have a few other projects on the go, majority of the team are focusing on getting Collateral ready for release.

Being Greenlit on Steam is a great achievement for Dancing Dinosaur Games and we cannot wait to see the final build of Collateral.

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