World's best speak at AIE

World's best speak at AIE

World's best speak at AIE


Over the past few weeks, AIE has hosted representatives from some of the world's top studios to present and share their stories, wisdom and past experiences with our students.


Speakers have included Peter Moxam from Pixar, Frank Sabia from Disney, Mariana Acuna from The Foundry and Bruce Thompson from Nnooo. We are proud to have hosted these guests who have provided invaluable insight into what work these popular companies are involved in, and what they would expect from future graduates. 

Check out below some feedback on how these sessions went:


Peter Moxam (WW Renderman Channels Manager) from Pixar was an unmitigated success holding the attention of fifty plus Screen students as he took us on a virtual tour of Pixar followed by screenings of Partysaurus Rex and The Blue Umbrella. Peter's delivery was entertaining and technical in all the right places.

His visit to AIE was of great value to this year’s students as we move towards the animated short film production part of their studies. – Alan Maxwell (Screen Teacher)

Mariana Acuna (Creative Specialist) from The Foundry provided knowledge on how to speed up production pipelines primarily through the use of Nuke, Hiero, and Moda. She provided an amazing amount of product knowledge, and information on these ground-breaking programs and how they ‘talked’ to each other to provide a seamless workflow. Students going into their next module can now identify and use the skills they were shown to use these programs in a more efficient and effective manner.

Overall Mariana built enthusiasm among students, and they found her talk very beneficial to their work. – Kim Allen (Screen Teacher)

Frank Sabia (Senior Lighting Artist) at Disney gave students a Virtual tour of Disney itself, and gave an insider’s look into Disney’s approach to lighting and compositing. He gave invaluable insight into the way Disney’s pipeline works including a couple of insightful breakdowns on popular animated films. Students were amazed to find out that at Disney lighting artists also work as compositors on their own shots.

Frank dazzled students with his impressive knowledge and portfolio, and it was just amazing to hear from someone that has had experience in the industry for over ten years. – Dan Bryce (Teacher)

Bruce Thompson (Co-Founder of Nnooo) talked about how he helped start up the games company Nnooo, and  instructed students on the best way to start up their own small games company/businesses. He focused on: working with publishers, producing games for bigger consoles, getting funding, and developing new hardware. Students were engaged and were very thrilled to pick his brains, as many of our students are interested in beginning their own business – while they are still studying. – Megan Ralph (Game design teacher)