AIE Alumni Win "Best Student Film" in the Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

AIE Alumni Win "Best Student Film" in the Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

AIE Alumni Win "Best Student Film" in the Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase


Martin Sharpe’s ’Still Life’ awarded top honours

Sydney, Australia – May 22, 2014 – The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is proud to announce that AIE Melbourne graduate Martin Sharpe’s film, ’Still Life’, has been awarded “Best Student Film” at the prestigious Cannes Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. The showcase involved nine student films of outstanding quality and concept, with Sharpe’s ’Still Life’ taking top honours.
The 2014 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase provided an opportunity for young filmmakers to have their works seen by Cannes Festival and Film Market attendees. Prizes were awarded to filmmakers and the top twenty-one films were screened in a special “Emerging Filmmaker” showcase at The American Pavilion in Cannes.

Written and directed by Sharpe, ’Still Life' tells the story of a bored and weary security guard. While on his nightly rounds of a dark and deserted art gallery, strange things start to happen. ‘Still Life’ was produced by Martin Sharpe, Pablo Tochez Anderson, Will Lovett, Jeremy Weppner and Brennan Merett. Watch the trailer here.
Sharpe was thrilled with the win and is already working towards his next project. "I found out via email, then had to get straight back into work. Deadlines are coming up. We are looking to work on another project together in the future. Winning this award helps give weight to our future projects. We are entered in a few more festivals and look forward to seeing how they go."
‘Still Life’ animator Jeremy Weppner added, “All the entries were of a really high quality and could have taken out the award. Being in the same category of past winner is amazing. The team are all still in contact since graduating; we had a great time working together on ‘Still Life’ and looking forward to the future. This will give me the opportunity to keep working in 3D animation."

For more information, Martin Sharpe can be reached via email at Sharpeshooter@gmail.com.
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