AIE 48hr Game Jam: Time Warp

AIE 48hr Game Jam: Time Warp

AIE 48hr Game Jam: Time Warp


AIE students recently participated in a 48 Hour Game Jam held from March 30th to April 1st

The AIE 48hr Game Jam was their chance to create a game in the time it takes the mighty Helios to race his chariot around the Earth twice. At the beginning of the challenge teams were be provided with the theme that all games had to incorporate. Once the theme was announced the challenge began and the clock started counting down. It was up to the teams to determine how much time they would spend on planning out their game or if they were going to get straight into making noise on their keyboard.

The theme that over 60 students, alumni, incubator and industry were challenged to create a game around was... Time Warp.

Time Warp was explored in varying ways by teams across the different AIE Campuses. Some of the games created by the groups include:

  • A side scrolling shooter where the player affect’s the enemy bullets with a time field
  • On rails platformer where the player would have to jump between the present and future to avoid hazards
  • 4 player snake game where power ups affect the other player’s abilities.
  • An inter-dimensional Narwhal fish collection game that can't be unseen
  • ‘The Curious Case of the Top Down Unicorn’ featured the most disturbing unicorn ever to have existed.

If you have ever wondered what a 48 Hour Game Jam is like then watch the entire 48 hour Canberra Jam (plus presentations) below in only 10 minutes.



If the AIE 48hr Game Jam sounds like fun but you missed out, no worries. There will be another AIE Game Jam later in the year. For more information or to see photos of the event head over to www.facebook.com/AIEedu