Games and Animation Courses for International Students

International Students

Study Games, 3D and Visual Effects at AIE in Australia

  • Choose games and animation courses from campuses in three of Australia’s most dynamic and diverse major cities - Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra.

  • Gain programming or artistic skills that can be used worldwide from an internationally renowned institution.

  • Learn in a friendly, supportive and interactive environment by teachers who have professional experience in the games and film industries.

  • 3D animation students can learn how to make games, movies and 3D simulations.

  • Small class sizes mean plenty of one-on-one teacher/student interaction and individual attention in your games and 3D animation courses.

  • Experience Australia's unique lifestyle and culture and the opportunity to study in some of the world's most liveable cities.

  • Regular games and film industry speakers are part of our course program and ensure you gain current industry insight and experience.

  • AIE games and animation graduates are highly sought after by employers with an average of 60% finding jobs in gaming or film, 30% finding jobs in 3D design fields and the remaining 10% continuing study at university or leading colleges

  • Social events for students such as screening nights and LAN parties.

To find out more, view our games and animation courses, make an enquiry, or contact an international course representative.

For full information on AIE campuses and games and 3D animation courses offered to international students, please view our International Student Prospectus: No media download found.

Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Testimonials from AIE Graduates

"Thanks to the AIE, I now have the best job in the world, working on AAA quality games such as BioShock with the awesome bunch of guys and girls at 2K Australia. If you're serious about getting into games, the AIE is where you need to go."
Ben Driehuis, AIE Canberra 2007 Graduate

"AIE offers a sophisticated and elaborate yet easy to understand course in both game art and programming. The experience will be exhilarating as the person undertakes one of the many milestones into becoming one of the best the industry has to offer."
Linh Tran, AIE Sydney 2009 Graduate

"Game development for many graduates is just a pipe dream. The AIE provided me with the skills and knowledge to realise that dream. With such close ties to industry, the AIE not only provided students with the best training, but also a foot in the door to network directly with game companies to help land that elusive job."
Tom Johnstone, AIE Melbourne Graduate and Senior Graphics Programmer, Rockstar Games

"I can definitively say that AIE Canberra was the main factor that got my foot in the door and allowed me to build a career in games. More so than any university degree the AIE taught me the skills needed to make it in the industry that I love."
Andrew Hung, AIE Canberra Graduate and Software Engineer, Visceral Games Australia

"I appreciate the way AIE has given me lots of opportunities to develop my skills in 3D animation. My teacher knows what is needed and how to develop my abilities for a future career in the 3D animation industry. The way the students work together on projects is very impressive."
Nari Kiyomoto, AIE Melbourne 2008 Graduate

"I wasted five years of my life at university/TAFE. AIE has the only course specifically designed for 3D modelling/animation that I needed"
Pete Gunston, AIE Melbourne 2009 Graduate

"The AIE was an experience I will never forget. The teachers were very supportive and great giving advice, and critique. They would always encourage me to enter competitions to greater improve my skills and receive feedback from professionals. When it came to applying for jobs, they would offer great advice and even gave me industry contacts to help me get my foot in the door. Without the help and support of AIE, working in games would not have ever been possible."
Tejay Fraser-Chitticks, AIE Canberra 2008 Graduate