AIE Incubator Program


As an industry leader and non-profit organisation, AIE is going beyond providing digital media training. Education is only the first part - we want to help our graduates achieve their dreams - initiatives like the AIE Incubator Program make it possible.

The Incubator Program supports graduates who have completed the Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning) to start-up commercial enterprises with ongoing assistance and funding to create new companies, digital content and job opportunities.

The Incubator Program is provided at no cost and AIE take no equity in companies created in the program and no royalties from or retain ownership of IP in the products that are developed.

AIE’s Incubator Program creates opportunities for young people with innovative ideas to build interactive worlds, experiment with emerging technologies and establish the companies of tomorrow that will create jobs for the next generation of creative digital professionals.

Studio Premises and Equipment

Get your own office which your team can access 24 hours / 7 days per week. You've got your own dedicated desk and computer full of software to craft your masterpieces. There's a meeting room, printers, access to development kits and other hardware and software. The Incubator is run in a professional creative environment in separate premises from the AIE Campus

Generous Project Development Grants

All teams in the Incubator are eligible to apply for a combined pool of up to $200,000 of grants which can be used towards whatever they need to make their project a success. It could be a specialist game engine, rendering technology, server, hiring contract staff, drafting agreements or marketing their game online.  These grants have been awarded for the past three years.

Mentored by Experts

AIE’s Incubator Program is coordinated by experienced industry and well connected professionals. Whether it is a game designer, marketing guru, accountant or writer, our Incubator Coordinators are there to assist you source what you need.

Exhibition opportunities and support

Incubator participants have the opportunity to exhibit at the top games expos in Australia. Over the past three years 65 games from the Incubator Program have been showcased at PAX Australia in Melbourne. Incubator teams were also supported in exhibiting at RTX in Sydney, AVcon in Adelaide and Gamm.con in Canberra as well as multi-city expos like Supanova and Oz Comic-con. Incubator teams have also exhibited at PAX West in Seattle.

Free for post-GDML Studios

The Incubator Program has been created to meet the needs of the studios started as part of the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning).  Entry is based on application and assesses the potential of the studio's current project. 

Latest Incubator Program News

AIE Incubator studios awarded $200,000 of development grants

AIE has awarded development grants to thirteen start-up studios, comprising of eleven games and two film projects, as part of the AIE Incubator Grants program. The grants to successful studios amounted to a total of $200,000 after a competitive application process that included advice from an independent industry panel.

What's Black, White & Red if you're playing to win at PAX East!?

AIE Incubator developers Pine Fire Studios recently had their game Kieru selected to be showcased during the second round of the PAX EAST OMEGATHON in Boston.

Bit Bunny Games Release debut title - Stellar Shift

Stellar Shift is a super fast arcade shooter where bending time is the only way to cheat death.