Canberra Campus

AIE CanberraThe AIE Canberra campus is located in Watson, a leafy suburb just to the north of the city centre.  AIE Canberra, the first AIE campus, was established in 1996 in response to a demand for 3D games artists and programmers. Our industry experienced teachers have guided students through our courses to employment at every major games and 3D animation studio in Australia as well as a number of internationally renowned companies.

Canberra is home to some of the world’s most acclaimed and innovative developers of games, simulation and visualization software along with cutting-edge production studios. We have close links with the 2K Games and Uppercut Games studios and are co-sited with Dreamgate Studios.

Our partnership with the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in the Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds Degree course enables students to access a range of resources including extensive libraries, student accommodation and other support services.

Where is the campus located?

Canberra Technology Park is located in Watson which is 10 minutes drive from the CBD, close to public transport and an excellent bike path network. Canberra has a large student population with three universities, many national attractions, a thriving arts and sporting scene and is a great place to live!

Canberra Technology Park
Phillip Avenue Watson ACT 2602

Where do I send my application to study at the Canberra campus?

Send your application to study at AIE Canberra to:

AIE Canberra
PO Box 7131
Watson ACT 2602

Phone: (02) 6162 5131
Fax: (02) 6207 3759
Email: canberra@aie.edu.au

Are the courses available to international students?

  • Our Advanced Diploma courses are CRICOS registered and are available to international citizens applying for a student visa.
  • All other courses delivered on site may be studied by international citizens in Australia, subject to visa conditions, however they are not CRICOS registered and Student Visas cannot be applied for as a primary course of study.
  • Online courses may be studied by international citizens.

General Information

  • AIE Canberra offers the same courses as both AIE Sydney and AIE Melbourne.
  • Canberra offers the same student support service as at both the Sydney and Melbourne campuses. In addition CIT partner students are able to access to a range of resources including extensive libraries, student accommodation and other support services.
  • Student Concessions are applicable to AIE Canberra students for discounts on rail travel, movie viewing, student software and much more.
  • All our Advanced Diploma courses run for 1600 hours over 2 years, 20 hours per week. Advanced Diploma graduates interested in continuing onto University can take advantage of our articulation agreements with some of Australia’s leading Universities gaining as much as two year’s credit in a related Bachelor’s degree!

For more information or to stay in touch with what’s happening at AIE Canberra, send us an email! canberra@aie.edu.au