Workshop | Projectiles and destruction in Unreal Engine 4

Workshop | Projectiles and destruction in Unreal Engine 4



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Workshop Description

This session will introduce you to a number or concepts withing UE4, from Player Input and Control setups, to the creation of Dynamic Destructible objects in your world, as well as creating a Projectile system which enables the player to launch Cannonballs at your Destructible objects and progressively break them apart using the Physics Sub-System.

Target Group Description

This session is aimed at mature learners, with solid experience using 3D Game Engines and some technical Scripting experience. The session is aimed at a small group of between 3-6 learners, as the technicalities of the work may require individual assistance or prompt more discussion than simpler topics.

Workshop Details

Class Animation, Game, Past Sessions
Date 12-NOV-2015
Teacher Craig Bentick


Unreal Engine 4